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The Great Ironbridge Coracle Drift

The Great Ironbridge Coracle Drift

Take part in the 2021 Coracle Fundraising Event

The Ironbridge Coracle Trust is seeking as many intrepid coracle paddlers as possible to take part in our fundraising event, our first ever Great Ironbridge Coracle Drift on Saturday 18th September 2021.

The Drift will form part of the World Heritage Ironbridge Festival which takes place during September.  We want to form a stunning spectacle of a shoal (not sure what the collective term is) of coracles as we come into Ironbridge to finish the drift.  Raising awareness of the historic craft whilst also raising money to support the work of the Ironbridge Coracle Trust.

The Drift

Don’t be fooled by the name. The Great Ironbridge Coracle Drift is not for the faint hearted.  Firstly, it’s not a drift – it’s a 7-mile paddle along the River Severn from Cressage Bridge to Ironbridge.   7 miles in a coracle is tough on the bum as well as on your arms.    However, it is a beautiful, stretch of river taking you through the infamous meanders, with views of the Wrekin and finishing just after passing under the magnificent Iron Bridge.  We will finish with a celebratory B-B-Q at Vic Haddock’s Canoe Hire, with stunning views of the bridge. 

It is not a race.  The plan is to paddle together as one large mass.  We envisage that we will be on the water for approximately 4 hours.  The Get In is at Cressage Bridge where the river bank, depending on river levels, is steep.  The Get Out is at Vic Haddock canoe hire, Ironbridge via floating pontoons and steep concrete steps.  Please contact the event organiser to discuss any access issues on

Full pre-event information and sponsorship form  will be sent on booking. 

Participants are asked

  • To each raise a minimum of £50 in sponsorship
  • Provide their own coracle, buoyancy aid and paddle
  • Be confident that they can paddle the 7-mile route.    Sorry, it’s not suitable for beginners. 
  • Bookings must be made by a person aged 18 years or over. Evidence of age may be requested. Participants under the age of 18 years will be allowed to participate in the event if they are 16 years old or over and have the consent of their parent or legal guardian who must be the person making their booking.

Please read our full Terms and conditions (see tab above).

About the Trust

The Ironbridge Coracle Trust is a charity set up to preserve the legacy of coracles in the Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site.  We do this through preserving the Old Coracle Shed as a virtual museum and through activities and events at the New Coracle Shed at the Green Wood Centre, Coalbrookdale. Information about The Ironbridge Coracle Trust is on their website.

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Venue Levy

Where applicable, advertised ticket prices are inclusive of a venue levy, retained by the venue to maintain our programme of arts and entertainment.

The Great Ironbridge Coracle Drift
Terms and Conditions
Ironbridge Coracle Trust is a registered charity reg charity no
By entering the event the participant automatically accepts our terms and conditions.
Risk and rules of the event
1. The Ironbridge Coracle Trusts takes all reasonable steps to minimise the risk of injury to participants during this event. There is a stringent risk assessment process for the event which aims to minimise or eliminate the risk to everyone taking part. However, by taking part in this event, you acknowledge that there may be conditions or circumstances beyond our control that can lead to unforeseen risks. If you have any concerns or queries, please contact us before agreeing to take part in this event.
2. The participant must provide and wear a correctly fitted buoyancy aid throughout the event when on the water
3. The participant accepts that the event they are entering is not a race in any format.
4. Each participant agrees to exhibit appropriate behaviour at all times; demonstrate respect for all people, equipment and facilities; and participate with a cooperative and positive attitude. The participant is fully responsible for their actions whilst attending the event. This includes at the Meeting Point and during the event itself and at the social event afterwards. The Ironbridge Coracle Trust does not accept responsibility for the actions of the participant nor the consequences of such actions.
5. The events involve a level of sustained physical activity. Each participant, upon signing the registration form, agrees that they are physically and mentally capable of completing the event.
6. Participants make the decision to take part and must be satisfied that this activity is suitable for them as individuals. The Ironbridge Coracle Trust cannot be held accountable for aggravation to illness or injury / illness sustained due to participation in this activity. Any participant unsure of their physical ability to take part in the Great Ironbridge Coracle Drift should take medical advice from a General Practitioner prior to the event. You cannot participate if you are pregnant.
7. Each participant agrees to abide by the events rules including no clothing, props or equipment that pose an unnecessary risk to participants or personnel are permitted. Participants also specifically agrees to obey all civil and criminal laws, including those related to Wildlife and Countryside regulations.
8. Participation in the event is at your own risk. Insurance cover is provided for all participants against a third-party claim arising as a result of accidental damage to a third-party property whilst participating in an event. This insurance cover is adjudged void if it is deemed the participant has acted negligently. No further insurance cover is provided by the Ironbridge Coracle Trust, but the Ironbridge Coracle Trust strongly recommend each participant organises their own personal insurance cover.
9. Alcohol is not permitted at the event. The Ironbridge Coracle Trust reserves the right to remove anyone who is under the influence of alcohol, whether consumed prior to commencement or during the event.
10. The Ironbridge Coracle Trust may immediately dismiss anyone who disobeys any rules, directions, instructions, decisions, or laws, or whose behaviour endangers safety or negatively affects a person, facility, or property of any type or kind.

11. Each participant will be fully responsible for any fees or costs incurred or arising from an accident either involving or caused by them. This includes, but is not exclusive to, fees from Police, Air Ambulance, Fire and Rescue and Ambulance service. If the situation arises that you are not capable of making the decision to call the emergency services, the Participant agrees that a member of the Ironbridge Coracle Trust or a member of the public may call for them. In this situation, the Participant still accepts the costs and consequences of such actions.

12. Each participant agrees to adhere to the procedures documented in our pre-information / covid-19 documentation detailed here: Event Pre-information ( will link to document)

Registration and use of your information

13. The Event Registration Form must be completed by a person aged 18 years or over. Evidence of age may be requested. Unless otherwise stated, participants under the age of 18 years will be allowed to participate in the event if they are 16 years old or over and have the consent of their parent or legal guardian who must sign the Event Registration Form. Signing is also an acceptance for the actions and consequences of the underage participant. Under 18’s need to be accompanied at all times by an adult who is responsible for them.
14. Event entry fees cannot be refunded or transferred under any circumstances.
15. When you register for the Event, we collect personal data relating to you and anyone else that you register. We will use this information for the purposes of organising, staging and administering the Event, including to send you your event pack and additional information about fundraising. If you provide personal information on behalf of additional entrants, please only provide this if they have confirmed that they are happy for you to do so
16. In the case of an emergency we may also pass personal details provided (either when registering for the Event or on the reverse of your Event bib) to the emergency services or health care professionals, and also use them for the purposes of contacting your emergency contact. We may also share your information with the relevant health authority for contact tracing purposes if applicable (e.g. with NHS Test and Trace in England) in the event we are asked to do so e.g. because someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 has been identified as having attended an Event.

17. The Ironbridge Coracle Trust will not use your information for any other purposes.

Fundraising and Donations

18. To help us to continue to promote the heritage of the Ironbridge Coracle, we ask each Great Ironbridge Coracle Drift participants to try and raise at least £50 for the Ironbridge Coracle Trust.
19. All participants have a legal responsibility to ensure that all fundraising monies/donations received in connection with an Event are paid to the Ironbridge Coracle Trust, and we ask that you do this as soon as possible after the Event. Please pay the money raised through sponsorship by BACS to: Acc Name Ironbridge Coracle Trust Sort Code: 30-18-55 Acc Number 52409260. Use the name entered on the booking form as reference. Other ways to pay in fundraising monies/donations are as follows:
Sending a cheque made payable to "Ironbridge Coracle Trust (stating your full name, unique reference number and event on the back) to: Ironbridge Coracle Trust, C/O $0, Reynolds Wharf, Coalport, TF8 HU.
20. Please ensure that all fundraising donation forms are filled out in full and are returned to us to enable Gift Aid to be claimed where possible.
21. We regret that fundraising money cannot be accepted on the day of the Event as we do not have the suitable cash handling facilities to fulfil this process.

Non-event Attendance:

22. Participants that fail to attend the booked event agree to automatically forfeit any entrance fee. This includes but is not limited to the following circumstances: illness, injury and a date conflict.
23. The Ironbridge Coracle Trust reserves the right to cancel and or postpone the event, due to extreme weather conditions and or Force Majeure. In such an event, each participant’s entry will be automatically moved to the rescheduled event. 


24. Please note that Ironbridge Coracle Trust (or our authorised service providers and agents) may film or photograph participants, volunteers and spectators taking part or attending the Event and use such footage or photographs to publicise the Event for commercial and/or fundraising purposes including, but not limited to, television broadcasts, advertising, publications, marketing material, merchandising, and other documents that may be made available to the public.
25. No personal details (including names) of any under 16-year-old participants will be used in any publicity materials without the written consent of their parent or legal guardian, but we may use images where children are incidentally included e.g. of mass gathering prior to departure or on finish
26. Subject to rule 25 above, please only register a participant under the age of 16 if the participant’s parent/legal guardian (as applicable) are happy for their images to be used in the manner described in these Rules.
27. The Ironbridge Coracle Trust reserves the right to update its terms and conditions at any time prior to the event. An up-to-date copy of the terms and conditions will be displayed at the event for participants to view. Participants should read this prior to taking part in the event.


Book Tickets

Bookings must be made by a person aged 18 years or over. Evidence of age may be requested. Participants under the age of 18 years will be allowed to participate in the event if they are 16 years old or over and have the consent of their parent or legal guardian who must be the person making their booking.

£5 per entrant

Entrants' contact details will be passed to the Ironbridge Coracle Trust who will issue detailed event information.

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